Meow Meow Cruise! This is a cruise for people who love cats. I find every time I go on a cruise I run into some people who loves cats as much as I do and we end up sharing photos and talking about their personalities. So, I created this group cruise to bring us together. Unfortunately the little critters cannot join us but we can send postcards home.

Carnival Liberty
Departing Port Canaveral, FL November 4, 2018
4-night trip going to Bahamas

2019 Cuba information
For our 5th annual Meow Meow Cruise for Cuba please visit our website. We will update this website after our next cruise so check back mid-November.

Pricing starts at $330 pp with dual occupancy and includes cruise fare, taxes, fees (based on current pricing as of April 13, 2018 and subject to go up or down). Pre-paid gratuities ($12.95 per guest, per day, $51.80 total pp) that can either pre-paid or paid while on board on your sign and sail account.

Activities include Meow Meow Meet & Greet, Meow Meow Mixer, Meow Meow Group Dining, Meow Meow Trivia, and Meow Meow Scavenger Hunts.

Also, you will recieve a Meow Meow Cruise Kit!

You are not required to participate in any activities unless you want to. This is your vacation! Also, other categories are available at going rates. Please sign up soon to lock in these rates and before the cruise line pulls my inventory back.

We do plan on having t-shirts, but will not be including them with the price of the cruise so that way you know exactly what you are paying. They will be a separate cost on a tshirt website directly, so you can adjust to the type of shirt you want with sizing, styles, and colors. I also will take a photo of your kitty and have it on the front of the shirt.

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