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Referral Program

Welcome to the Cruise Planners Referral Website.


This site will enable you to refer anyone to my travel agency. Simply enter the information of your referral. I will follow up, answer all of their questions, provide competitive pricing and once they purchase a trip over $500, you get paid starting at $10 gift card after the trip has completed. It's that simple.

You can also track the status of your referral at anytime. Simply log on below to view your own private account or register today to get started!


*Please make sure that all Referrals have been entered into the system prior to the referral speaking with Anna Conway at Cruise Planners, if not, you will not be compensated. We also cannot reimburse any one who is already an existing Cruise Planners customer, so they would need to be a new booking. Also, please have permission from the person you are referring so they know I will be contacting them. The referral has 60 days to purchase a trip or the referral is null and void.




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